Firework Formally Launches A Short Video Format Storytelling App

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Written by Rebecca Daily

Video-centric apps are being touted as the future of social media. Entering into the mix is Firework, a fast-growing social video app. It allows creators to take both horizontal and vertical video in one shot from their mobile device something it calls “reveal videos”.

Video viewers can also twist their phone to watch the video from a new perspective and see more of the scene.

Besides allowing viewers in on more of the action, “reveal videos” also provide liberty to add unexpected plot twists or surprise endings.

The app lets creators hold their smartphone horizontally to film and place a vertical viewfinder on the screen. Thus, the creators can see which part of their shot will appear to viewers when they hold their phone straight up and down.

This recording screen is pretty similar to TikTok, allowing you to stop and start recording, as well as reshoot the various parts and add music.

While Snapchat introduced the idea of the vertical video, companies like Firework are trying to free viewers from format constraints.

Firework Chief Revenue Officer Cory Grenier, says that Snapchat pushed the idea of being vertical only.

“What we see is that most professional filmmakers want to show their work on Vimeo first, and second on YouTube. There isn’t this world where you can really frame the context and the characters of a cinematic story on vertical — it just can’t happen,” he says.

Furthermore, Firework is also working out distinctly in terms of fan engagement by ditching comments. Users can privately message a video’s creator but can’t comment on the video itself.

Rather than “liking” a video, users can bookmark the video or share it, styled like a retweet.

Other than the technology involved with Firework’s new filming technique, the company is also aiming to differentiate itself from other short-form video competitors TikTok and Quibi.

Firework’s video content can be added up to 30 seconds instead of TikTok’s 15 just, but far shorter than Quibi’s eight minutes.

Besides, the content will not be remixed, music-backed memes like TikTok, but remains user-gen, in comparison to the high production value “TV quality” content shot for Quibi using two cameras which costs a lot more money.

Firework claims it has already acquired 2 million registered users across iOS and Android.

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